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The City of Calgary and Calgary Airport Authority needed an improved access route for its passengers. The Airport Trail Interchange Improvements, created two new interchanges that will effectively manage the movement of goods, services, and people on Airport Trail into and out of YYC Calgary International Airport, and adjacent airport-related developments.

MSE Precast collaborated with one of our industry partners to supply the precast concrete MSE wall panels for the project. However, the City of Calgary and Calgary Airport Authority wanted a unique “art” component added to the project that would differentiate itself from other interchange projects. In collaboration with the construction team we proposed the option of using a Photo-Art concrete panel aesthetic.


PCL Construction




Custom MSE Wall Panels

Photo Art Concrete

An innovative technology of deactivation enables a point-by-point washing out of the concrete’s surface. The resulting light-dark effects permit a light-independent, two-dimensional visualization in the concrete.

This application created a stand-out, eye pleasing architectural design on a structural precast element.