Mosquito Creek Marina

Spirit Trail Connector at Mosquito Creek

Cyclists and pedestrians can now cross through the Mosquito Creek Marina on Squamish Nationland on a 600m trail  segment that slips beneath sea level and a 50-tonne gantry crane.

This project is Canada’s first pathway that travels below sea level. It consisted of over 200 custom precast elements including, pile caps, beams, radiused wall panels, floor panels and a boat travel lift.

Calgary Airport Trail MSE Wall

Wait until you see this!

The City of Calgary and Calgary Airport Authority needed an improved access route for its passengers. The Airport Trail Interchange Improvements, created two new interchanges that will effectively manage the movement of goods, services, and people on Airport Trail into and out of YYC Calgary International Airport, and adjacent airport-related developments.

MSE Precast collaborated with one of our industry partners to supply the precast concrete MSE wall panels for the project. However, the City of Calgary and Calgary Airport Authority wanted a unique “art” component added to the project that would differentiate itself from other interchange projects. In collaboration with the construction team we proposed the option of using a Photo-Art concrete panel aesthetic.

Low Level Road

Custom precast cladding panels with intricate design

The precast for the Low Level Road Project was completed in December 2014. It consisted of precast cladding panels that had a very high level of architectural detail. The new art work, selected through the City of North Vancouver’s art selection process, was chosen to engage the travelling public and provide a sense of place.

Riverbend Bridge

Golf Course Bridge

The City of Red Deer, owner of the Riverbend Golf Course located in Red Deer Alberta, needed to replace a 1980’s existing glulam bridge structure at hole #3 and #4. Riverbend went ahead with a steel girder superstructure and precast concrete composite deck panels. Working with one of our industry partners, Atlantic Industries Limited (AIL), we designed/supplied the precast deck panels complementing the AIL steel superstructure.

San Josef Bridge

In 2016 MSE Precast Ltd. was awarded the precast for the San Josef Bridge for the Ministry Of Transportation and Infrastructure by the Sims Group.  During an extreme flood event in 2013 the original bridge was washed out due to high water levels and an accumulation of river debris.