MSE Retaining Walls

It’s in our name…

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Retaining Walls – One of our core product lines and are used to stabilize the fill for bridge abutments, damns, unstable slopes and roadway construction.

We have established ourselves as a true industry leader supplying precast MSE wall panels. We have the ability to accommodate different types of reinforcing systems (steel or geosynthetic) and have a variety of stock form liner finishes to enhance the finished appearance. We also specialize in custom wall finishes and can work with you to meet each projects unique artistic needs.

MSE walls are a cost effective and efficient product developed for the construction industry and are used on many large civil infrastructure projects.

The ease of installation and speed of erection benefits the contractors tight construction schedules and the many finishes that are available leave an aesthetically pleasing product that will be appreciated for years.

Verti-Block Retaining Walls


Verti-Block™ was created with landscaping in mind — we’ve made it easy to transport and install, there’s no need for heavy machines like a telehandler or crane. The male and female connection eliminates placement error, ensuring strength and an exact installation every time. Also, the engineered hollow cavities allow for more flexibility with drainage and less concrete required for each block which will save time and money.

Soldier Pile / Lagging Panel Retaining Walls

Limited space…We have a solution

Soldier Pile & Lagging Panel Retaining Walls – A great option for retaining walls with a limited project footprint. Retaining walls greater than 3m in height typically require reinforcement which makes this type of wall a great option. Instead of using a structural reinforcement back into the retained soil, the structural strength of this type of design comes from the precast panel bearing on the flange of the HSS beam. The steel or concrete beams can be left exposed or can be covered with a precast fascia for a cleaner look. The same can be done for the top of the wall, as we can incorporate precast coping for a smooth transition between wall panels.  


Building it Better…Building it Faster

Precast concrete offers engineers and architects a versatile building material with unlimited design possibilities. Is is an ideal product solution for quality, durability, cost and functionality.

Precast can be used as an exterior cladding or as a structural insulated build element integral to the buildings structural capacity. The speed and efficiency which precast panels are installed will lower your costs and shorten project schedules. It also is a great option in the colder months of the year when heating and hoarding can increase project budgets dramatically.

We also offer tilt-up and other precast wall panels. the quality and speed of the tilt-up system can be very beneficial to a project. While the slab work and tilt panels are being produced on site, the front of your building can be cast at our plants with custom design features and aesthetic form liners.

Commercial Installations

Experienced Installation Services

We offer professional installation and project management services for many of our precast products. Our experienced crews have completed many different projects including:

  • Architectural elements
  • Masonry sills and lintels
  • Cladding on buildings and signs
  • Bridges
  • Bridge components (bridge decking, abutments etc.)
  • Tilt-up buildings
  • Boat Ramps
  • Retaining Walls


Sound Walls

Sound Walls

Our precast concrete sound wall panels are produced with the highest quality materials and are very easy to install.


Precast Signage has concrete advantages

Corporate Business or Developer signage is much more than just a company or project locator, it also conveys a corporate image and branding. Precast concrete offers a unique medium for which a unique sign can be created. Precast is not only attractive and eye-catching, it also has the longevity to withstand the test of time. Century old precast signage still exists today in good order.


Precision, versatility and quality

Precast Concrete offers engineers and architects a versatile building material with unlimited design possibilities. It is an ideal product solution providing superior aesthetics and structural durability.

Panels can be used as an architectural exterior cladding or as a structural insulated build element integral to the buildings structure. Many custom form liner or photo enhanced concrete options are available to make this product stand out.

The speed and efficiency that these panels are installed will reduce the installation schedule and the controlled atmosphere for casting ensures precision and a high quality product.