Verti-Block Retaining Walls


Verti-Block™ was created with landscaping in mind — we’ve made it easy to transport and install, there’s no need for heavy machines like a telehandler or crane. The male and female connection eliminates placement error, ensuring strength and an exact installation every time. Also, the engineered hollow cavities allow for more flexibility with drainage and less concrete required for each block which will save time and money.

Small Block Retaining Walls

Precast Block Walls

MSE Precast has several retaining wall block options that can be incorporated into your residential landscape project or commercial development.

Octo-blocks (2.5’ x 2.5’ x 5’) – Lock Blocks are a precast concrete construction system that utilizes the mass of a concrete block with a unique interlocking design. Concrete Lock Blocks are perfect for both temporary and permanent solutions.

Mini-blocks – Individual blocks are 3′ wide x 1′ tall.  The wall system includes block shapes that can be used to create mitered corners and inside or outside radius curvatures.  Our system also includes copings and curbed footings to speed the installation of your wall.

Depending on your location and project size, we can offer you with a supply only or an installation price for your next project.


Pre-Engineered L-Wall

Our L-Wall is an easy-to-install segmented panel wall that can add more curb-appeal than a standard lock block. We have several facing textures that can incorporate your panels to suit your aesthetic needs. We have an assortment of designs and can produce wall height segments from 4 ft. tall up to 12 ft. tall.

Parking Curbs

Parking curbs

Our precast parking curbs are cast in a controlled environment ensuring a dimensionally precise element with long-term durability.

Residential Installations

Experienced Residential Installation Services

We offer professional installation and project management services for many of our precast products. Our experienced crews have completed many different projects including:

  • Architectural elements
  • Masonry sills and lintels
  • Cladding on buildings and signs
  • Boat Ramps
  • Retaining Walls